About WebPro Canada

At WebPro Canada, you can expect to work with the same team on your entire project, from definition and needs assessment through to completion. We offer a full suite of web design and development services, reputation management, and SEO. We understand that your website is a vital part of your brand and endeavor to consistently provide our clients great service and a superior finished product.

Rick Silver

Owner & Business Development

416-385-2433 ext.227


With over ten years experience in the business, Rick is the president, founder and fearless leader of WebPro.

Ryan Marr

Accounts & Strategy

416-385-2433 ext.226


Ryan works with clients to scope projects and develop successful digital strategy.

Carla Ottens

Business Developement Manager


Working with clients both big and small Carla's strategies center on improving their web presence.

Jennifer Wickman

Listings Manager

416-385-2433 ext.222


For over ten years Jen has been looking after the online advertising campaigns of our clients.

Stephanie Creighton

Social Media Coordinator

As WebPros's social media expert, Steph is on top of user engagement in our ever-growing social world.

Nina Acton


416-385-2433 ext.234


As WebPros's designer, Nina doesn't do mediocre. She helps our clients put their best face forward on the web.

Tuyen Nguyen

Project Coordinator / Front End Developer

416-385-2433 ext.242


Keeping user experience and interaction at the forefront, Tuyen manages our projects and builds the front-end of our sites.

Rashid Ahmed

Lead Back End Developer

Coder extraordinaire, Rashid gives our websites and applications a creative and dynamic backbone.

Andreas Olsson

Full-Stack Developer

Hello, I'm Andreas



Hello, I'm Ruggero


We're speaking your language - let's talk!

Our team is made up of highly qualified and diverse individuals. We speak Spanish, Russian, Urdu, Filipino, French, a touch of German and we're working on more! We invite you explore our varied portfolio and contact us for a consultation today.

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